The US-Huawei conflict has been going on for some time. It is for this reason, among others, that the Chinese company was forced to solve the problems resulting from the ban on the use of Google services in its smartphones, which accelerated the creation of a proprietary application store to replace the Play Store on Huawei phones. AppGallery, however, still has some disadvantages, which is confirmed by the latest information indicating the possibility of downloading paid applications completely for free.

This problem was noted by developer Dylan Roussel. As Dylan pointed out, you only need "technical know-how" to download any paid app from the AppGallery. This problem was reported by Roussel to Huawei in February. The Chinese company has not resolved this case since then. The developers of the application themselves do not have the possibility to deal with this problem, because the possibility of downloading paid applications for free is caused by bugs in the AppGallery code. Huawei announces, however, that it is working on solving the problem. According to the official announcement published by the company, this problem should be resolved by 25th of May.