Smartphones supporting 4G connectivity are currently the standard on the mobile market. There are devices that support 5G, but for now they are too expensive and this function is treated as an unnecessary gadget, but over time phones supporting only 4G will no longer be attractive to the customer. Then the interest in such phones will drop, which will reduce the price of smartphones that support 4G. According to the partner of the investment department of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi Pan Jiutanga, such a moment will come in the coming months.

According to Jiutang, prices for phones supporting only 4G will be falling due to the rapid expansion of 5G modems on the mobile market and in his opinion 5G will soon become a standard in the electronics world. In addition, the mobile market will also have a return to life after the end of the coronavirus pandemic (and as yet we do not know when this moment will occur), and an additional factor is the reduction in the price of iPhone 11 on Chinese market, which will cause other manufacturers wanting to have competitive prices will be forced to even lower prices of their phones.