Samsung regularly releases limited editions of its equipment referring to the popular Pokemon series. Last month, the company released a limited set with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 phone referring to this series, and this time the manufacturer from South Korea decided to release an unusual version of the Galaxy Buds 2 earphones on the market.

The limited version of Galaxy Buds 2 will have a box referring to Poke Ball in the set. You will be able to insert a regular charging box with earphones into it. Poke Ball was created in a size that allows you to place not only Galaxy Buds 2 earphones in it, but also Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds Live earphones with a case. In addition, Samsung will add 11 limited Pokemon stickers to the set. The set was presented on the official Samsung's website, but so far it is not available for sale. It is worth mentioning that for now, the limited version of the Galaxy Buds 2 earphones will be available only in South Korea, as was the case with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 variant referring to the Pokemon series.