It's no secret that data collection by some Chinese applications from our phones looks very suspicious. Some countries even accuse individual producers of cooperating with the Chinese government. Ultimately, however, the Chinese government decided to start stricter checks on data collection by individual applications. So far, the imposed restrictions apply to several applications, including two virtual keyboards that operate in China. It is about the Sogou and Iflytek applications.

Both of the above-mentioned applications have been removed from the AppStore in China and from the AppGallery on Huawei phones. The reason for removing the Iflytek application from the stores was that app saved users' information to protect the security of the nation without the consent of the users. Iflytek has announced that firm will issue a rectification regarding the entire issue. So far, Sogou has not commented on the removal of the application from stores. Users who previously downloaded any of the listed applications can still use it, but will not receive any updates until the applications return to stores.