MIDiA is a company that deals with research and forecasts for individual markets. Recently, reports of this company regarding the music streaming market appeared on the Internet. The study covers the second quarter of 2021, but only now has the report been officially presented.

Based on the published results, the market has approximately 523.9 million subscribers. The largest group subscribes to the Spotify platform. The leader of the ranking gathered about 31% of users included in the ranking. Looking at the overall impact on the market, this is a small decrease, as previously about 34% of users in 2019 and 33% of customers in 2020 used Spotify's services. The music streaming market itself, however, is growing dynamically, as compared to 2020 there was an increase in people using this type of service by 26.4%. Apple Music came in second place with 15% of subscribers. Two services were ranked third, used by 13% of subscribers using streaming music. These are Amazon Music and Tencent Music. It is worth noting that the influence of the Tidal service on the market has decreased significantly recently, which until recently was the second largest company dealing with streaming music outside of Spotify. Currently, it has not even been included in the list and was included in the group of other services that accumulated 10% of active subscribers.