For several years, there has been a noticeable trend in the phone manufacturers' resignation from headphone input. One of the first companies that decided to make this move was Apple, and immediately many firms copied this idea from the American giant. The biggest advantage of resigning from the jack entry was to save space for technological novelties in devices and to reduce the thickness of the phone, but after a while the companies stopped concealing that the main reason for resignation from headphone jack is the lower production cost of the device. For a long time OnePlus company didn't decide to remove the jack from the phones, but in the upcoming 6T model the 3,5mm input will not be added to the phone. It is possible that a similar decision will be taken in the near future by Samsung executives who have criticized this idea so far.

Recent reports indicate that heads of Samsung are seriously thinking about removing the headphone jack from their two flagships, which would be presented next year. We're talking of course about Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S11 models. The main reason which convinces Samsung to change its policy in this matter are statistical data indicating a significant increase in the popularity of the wireless headphones market. In exchange for getting rid of the headphone jack, the buyers could expect an enlarged battery and other new features in upcoming smartphones. However, there is a risk that a large group of customers will turn away from the company, and that's why Samsung for now is only considering the idea.