Already from the previous year, WhatsApp has announced changes to the regulations, the acceptance of which is necessary for the further use of the application. Changes in the regulations were forced by the fact that users must agree to collect information about them. Initially, these changes were to be introduced faster, but as it turned out, WhatsApp postponed the changes to a later date. It turns out that the announced date of 15th of May will be the final one and on this day at the latest, users will have to decide whether they decide to accept the new regulations.

If users do not accept the new WhatsApp regulations, their accounts will not be removed from the portal. However, their ability to communicate will be significantly limited - from now on, accounts from which WhatsApp regulations will not be accepted will not be able to be used to read messages or send new messages. However, it will be possible to receive notifications and incoming voice calls. It is worth mentioning, however, that WhatsApp announced that after some time inactive accounts will be deleted, hence in practice it can be said that in the long run, not accepting the regulations will result in the removal of some accounts from the portal.