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With this service you will unlock Nokia Lumia by USB cable. It does not matter what network the phone comes from, each network is supported.

A computer with Windows is required. After placing the order you will receive from us a unique key to access the program with which you will unlock the Nokia Lumia phone.

Please check your phone model and its RM version carefully.


How to unlock the Nokia Lumia phone with a USB cable:

1. Please download the LUMIA unlocker client program - link

2. Install the drivers from the client program options and make sure that the phone is correctly detected





3. Select the appropriate device from the list of detected phones and confirm with the 'Unlock' button




4. Enter the authorization code.


5. Please follow the messages on the program screen.


6. After receiving the message about the successful completion of unlocking, we restart the phone.







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Oct 7, 2019
NOKIA e72 IMEL 355239037007163

IP 2405:8100:8000:5ca1::308:c04b

Aug 3, 2019
помагите снять код блокировки Nkia 3250 IMEL 357934009917542 ,МОЯ почта [email protected]

IP 2405:8100:8000:5ca1::306:22bb

Aug 3, 2019
помагите снять код блокировки Nkia 3250 IMEL 357934009917542 ,МОЯ почта [email protected]


Jul 2, 2019
Quick and painless. Highly recommended.


May 12, 2019
Как я могу разблокировать кода телефон Нокиа 230? Когда я набрал *=06= телефон показивает два ИМЕИ кода. Что мне надо делать? Есть кто-нибуд кто знает что делает на эта время?
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