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This service allow You to check if Your Phone is BLACKLISTED or is Clean.


To check this we need IMEI number which you can find, typing *#06# on Your Phone.


Checking the Black List, or Legality of origin for all phones brands such as:

Samsung, Sony, HTC, iPhone, LG, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE, BlackBerry and other


Sample report from the Network / manufacturer servers:

IMEI: 3573500701xxxxx

Model: Galaxy S7 SM-G930F

Country: Ireland


Blacklisted By: Meteor Mobile Telecommunications Limited

Blacklisted On: 2016-03-24 22:08

Blacklisted Country: Ireland


This service will determine whether your phone is on the BlackList (when the phone was reported by the previous owner to Network/ Insurance Company as a phone, lost, stolen, etc).
Increasingly, users of expensive mobile phones buying insurance for them, then after few days/ weeks they report that phones as a stolen or lost and getting a new phone from the insurance company.
Blacklisted phones are always locked by the Network by the IMEI number nad they can't get signal from any network.




This is not service for unlocking, it only allows You to check if your phone is clean or  is blacklisted.




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Jan 4, 2021
Recomand cu mare drag.
Aseara am facut plata online pentru deblocarea unui telefon ( Motorola G7 Power ) din Scotia.
Spre suprinderea mea,astazi am primit codul si functioneaza 100%.
Va multumesc pentru acuratete si pentru ca sunteti fenomenali.

IP 2a02:2f01:5c01:af00:186a:5ad8:9dc0:d39d

Aug 17, 2020

IP 2a02:2f0b:450e:e700:ac8d:7dc6:40d4:8402

Jun 25, 2020


Aug 23, 2018
Wszystko ok. szybko i sprawnie


Jun 9, 2018
Que ce qu'on fait pour débloquer mon réseau orange
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