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iPhone CheckMEND, blocked ,barred, stolen, blacklist check

Report, Delivery time:  5min - 120 min

Supported All iPhones models, all networks Worldwide

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The service allow You to check if Your iPhone is BLACKLISTED or is Clean.

This information is needed for permanent unlock. To check this we need IMEI number which you can find, typing *#06# or by pressing "i" on Your iPhone.

This is not service for unlocking, it only allows You to check if your iPhone is clean or  is blacklisted.

What services does CheckMEND use to run checks?

CheckMEND is an aggregated product that bring together a range of checking services all of which check different databases. This means that in one check you utlise a range of sevices automatically and get one set of results back saving you time and money. The services that you use when you do a check with CheckMEND can be broadly defined as:

  • The Stolen Property Checking Service
  • The Lost Property Checking Service
  • The Network blocked/blacklist Checking Service
  • The Insurance claim Checking Service
  • The Outstanding Finance Checking Service
  • The Cloned and Counterfeit Checking Service
  • The Previous Owners Checking Service
  • The Warranty Claim Checking Service
  • The Recycled/Refurbished Checking Service.


Why do I need to check?

As a private individual...CheckMEND,  can help you to avoid buying stolen or counterfeit goods or a mobile phone that won't work correctly because it's blocked/disabled. It can also help you sell an item as each check comes with an official CheckMEND report that you can provide to any buyer.

As a business...CheckMEND represents the very best in integrated due diligence to help your employees avoid buying or selling stolen goods or disabled mobile phones. Every check is recorded in your online account for future reference and all checks come with a CheckMEND report that you can provide to any prospective buyer

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  • (7)
  • By Janusz on 2014-12-15
    Text: Ok, raport dotarł po 20 minutach, polecam
    By kamil K on 2014-11-17
    Text: Got the report in 5 sec.
    By Daniel P on 2014-08-28
    Text: great service,
    By Tomas on 2017-06-09
    Text: Polecam szybko sprawnie
    By Arek K on 2017-05-17
    Text: Polecam szybko,sprawnie
    By Mateusz S on 2017-04-19
    Text: fast service-happy customer
    By Jacques L on 2015-07-07
    Text: Informations fournies en 1h et qui m'ont permis ensuite de débloquer mon Iphone !

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    - Déblocage Iphone 6 : déblocage en 16 minutes
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