New Unlock, reset Mi Account Redmi Note 7

Unlock, reset Mi Account Redmi Note 7

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Unlock, reset Mi account activation on , reset Mi Account Redmi Note 7 phone offered in this service is the official account unlock / reset service on Xiaomi servers. This is not just an activation workaround, but a permanent unlock. After unlocking you can create a new account assigned to your login details.


How to unlock / reset Account activation on , reset Mi Account Redmi Note 7 phone:

1. Reset the phone to factory settings via Recovery mode. Turn off the phone. hold VOL + and power to enter the recovery menu. Select Factory Reset.

2. Restart the phone

3. Connect to a Wifi network

4. To display UNLOCK CODE press the padlock icon 10 times.

5. The displayed code should be entered on our website: CAPITAL LETTERS

6. After receiving the confirmation of Account Reset from us, please reactivate your Xiaomi Mi Account on your device.



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Jun 23, 2022
Como desbloquear xiaomi note 8 sin estar enlazadoen la cuenta mi ID a ningún num de celular y correo , agradezco su ayuda


May 18, 2022
como faço pra desbloquear o meu MI 7


Apr 11, 2022
Nu mă lăsa să dau pe lacat dezvoltarea pentru a afla codul


Apr 5, 2022
Unlock is less than 1hour and its perfect


Mar 20, 2022
jai acheter un telephone bloquer mi et j avais peur de me faire voler pour le debloquer et sa a fonctionner merci beaucoup je recommande a 200%
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