Decodare telefonul huawei prin cablu USB


Only models from the available list are supported.


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With this service, you will unlock your Huawei phone with a USB cable. Computer with Windows operating system is required.


Only models available from the list are supported. Supported models with software until November 2018. Newer versions of the software (newer security) do not allow using this method to unlock the simlock. No refunds if your phone has a newer software than November 2018.


Please carefully check your phone model and version.


To check the model and version of your Huawei Phone:

* Enter to the phone settings:

* Select device information



* Find the device model information






The ability to install drivers and software provided by our service is required.

Upon purchase of the service, the customer will receive login information and password, and a file with all the required programs and instructions step by step.

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Aug 14, 2021
Como puedo desbloquearlo si ya lo trate de formatear normal, pero me sigue apareciendo ingrese la clave de pantalla de bloqueo un PIN junto con la cuenta google es por medio de computadora me puedes mandar información por favor


Aug 7, 2021
I want to unlock my simslot


May 19, 2021
desbloquear a rede sim do meu Huawei P8 ALI-CE


Apr 8, 2021
kod google akaunta mne kuda zasunutj?


Feb 24, 2021
Ok soy Enrique
pagină: 12345

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