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Only models from the available list are supported.


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With this service, you will unlock your Huawei phone with a USB cable. Computer with Windows operating system is required.


Only models available from the list are supported.

Supported models with software until November 2018. Newer versions of the software (newer security) do not allow using this method to unlock the simlock. No refunds if your phone has a newer software than November 2018.


Please carefully check your phone model and version.


To check the model and version of your Huawei Phone:

* Enter to the phone settings:

* Select device information



* Find the device model information






The ability to install drivers and software provided by our service is required.

Upon purchase of the service, the customer will receive login information and password, and a file with all the required programs and instructions step by step.

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How to unlock / remove  FRP Google Account activation on your {META_TITLE} device??

Huawei FRP Remover Tool is a tool that allows you to Bypass / remove FRP or factory reset protection in your device. FRP is a security feature that locks the device when factory reset is performed. You need to enter same Google Account details after factory reset. This keeps the thieves away. But sometimes you need to remove FRP because you forget your Google account, you got phone from your friends or family member. So this solution can help you in this case. Supported are all Huawei models.

The ability to install software and drivers is required.

You have to download:

Huawei  FRP Tool, download and unzip - download link
Huawei ADB drivers download and istall - download link

How to Remove / unlock FRP activation on {META_TITLE} Device:

  1. Put the device to fastboot mode using volume down button. Switch off your phone, press and hold volume down and connect usb cable.

  2. Extract the zip file you downloaded, and istall huawei drivers

  1. Now open the Huawei FRP Tool downloaded from above, it will display device connected (when all drivers are istalled),  enter received code from us and click on Erase FRP.

  2. Done, you have successfully removed FRP.

  3. Your device in now ready to enter new  Google account.


Sep 29, 2020
Serviço muito bom e de confiança.
Pin de desbloqueio funcionou para o Huawei P Smart 2019.


Jun 16, 2020
Sim network unlock pin

IP 2001:8a0:e51b:2301:b89c:d035:198a:f907

May 15, 2020
Code works fine.


Apr 29, 2020
Serviço 5 estrelas e com tempo de resposta bastante rápido
Desbloqueio de um Huawei P8 Lite 2017 da Vodafone

IP 2001:818:e945:8a00:bcdb:a45a:6871:14d3

Apr 27, 2020
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