Decodare telefonul Samsung prin cablu USB

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With this service, you will unlock sim lock in your Samsung phone with a USB cable. It does not matter what network the phone comes from, it is only important that the model of your samsung phone is on the list of supported devices 

and the phone asking for the network unlocking code after inserting another operator's sim card.

Important: Telephones from the network: Sprint, Metropc, Verizon, Boost, T-mobile from the United States are not supported !!

To unlock your Samsung phone you need a computer with Windows operating system and a USB cable.

Super Easy to Use, One button click only.

Phone's WARRANTY, USER-DATA, MEMORY remains Untouched.

No need to ROOT your phone.

No need to Downgrade or flash your phone.

Calculate Original Factory Unlock Codes for your phone.

Fully Independent server, working 24/7.

Supports Latest 2017 Firmware versions.

Supports Android 4, 5, 6, 7, 7.1, 8, 9

Supports Latest 2017 security Patches.


The customer will receive from us login details to the program and step-by-step instructions  how to read the codes.


To check the Samsung phone model:

* enter to the phone settings and select About phone




* Check model number




Video Sample how that solution working with samsung devices:










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Nov 5, 2021
Very good


Oct 20, 2021
My phwas lock network


Oct 17, 2021
Everything is good. Very fast and efficient! Recomand.


Sep 17, 2021


Aug 21, 2021
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01127 Dresden
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