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With this service, you will unlock simlock from your Samsung phone with a USB cable. It does not matter what GSM network the phone comes from, it is only important that the model of your samsung phone is on the list of supported devices and the phone asking for the network unlocking code after inserting another operator's sim card.

Important: Telephones from the network: Sprint, Metropc, Verizon, Boost, T-mobile from the United States are not supported !!

To unlock your Samsung phone you need a computer with Windows operating system and a USB cable.

Super Easy to Use, One button click only.

Phone's WARRANTY, USER-DATA, MEMORY remains Untouched.

No need to ROOT your phone.

No need to Downgrade or flash your phone.

Calculate Original Factory Unlock Codes for your phone.

Fully Independent server, working 24/7.

Supports Latest 2017 Firmware versions.

Supports Android 4, 5, 6, 7, 7.1, 8, 9

Supports Latest 2017 security Patches.


The customer will receive from us login details to the program and step-by-step instructions  how to read the codes.


To check the Samsung phone model:

* enter to the phone settings and select About phone




* Check model number




Video Sample how that solution working with samsung devices:











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All of the Samsung models manufactured from July 2013 and the devices running on Android 4.4 (KitKat) or above have REGION LOCK.

If the phone was already used in the original network provider lock is not in force. Otherwise, your phone is locked and you can not unlock it even with the correct codes.

If you can not make a connection from a given reguion where the phone has been bought, then we can send the RGCK code (region lock code). For this purpose, please find the service on the product page and place the order: - -Region Lock release codes, supported devices from Europe, America & Asia: MCK(pin) + RGCK(puk) 1 - 5 days

If you have the option to do a phone call, activate the phone in the network where you bought it (or in the region of Europe, for example, if the phone is from such a distribution). The lock will be removed automatically after making a phone call to another mobile or landline number (over 5 minutes)

Please remove region lock before using network unlock codes.

* Lock is assumed by operators from the United States, Europe and Australia

* The operators of Canada does not assume a regional block.


Info on the Device box:

How to unlock / remove  FRP Google Account activation on your {META_TITLE} ??

Our service will  allows you to Bypass / remove FRP or factory reset protection in your device. Factory Reset protection FRP is a security feature that locks the device when factory reset is performed. You need to enter same Google Account details after factory reset. This keeps the thieves away. But sometimes you need to remove FRP because you forget your Google account, you got phone from your friends or family member. So this solution can help you in this case. Supported are all samsung models and any software version all security updates. After  unlock you will be able to set new account and configure your phone.

The ability skills to install software and drivers are required.

We have to recive from you also your computer name. Check how To get computer name:

Use Win Key + E to open my computer, right mouse click on my computer, select preferneces.

You have to also:

Download and install samsung drivers - download link

Download  and  install Flexihub  - download link

How to Remove / unlock bypass FRP activation on {META_TITLE}:

1. Orders are proccessed from monday to Saturday (9 - 22 GMT+0 Europe time zone)

2. Reset your {META_TITLE} to default settings ( by recovery mode) To check phone imei number check sim tray, or back cover (imei will be avalible on the back in most of models) or if you have access to phone menu check settings. If you can't read imei, use: 000000000000000 to place order.

3. Install samsung usb drivers

4. Install Flexihub software, as a login  details you will get from us special token

5. Connect your phone by USB cable to your computer, open Flexihub and insert token as a login details. On your phone  you should seen screen:

6. Send to us your computer name and keept connected phone to your PC. When we will unlock your phone you will get from us email with confirmation, and you will see on your phone:

7. Now you able to set new account and use phone again.


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